Emirates is the world’s fourth largest airline operating over 3600 flights per week from more than 140 cities in 81 countries across six continents.

For a business operation of this scale energy consumption and facilities management become critical factors of the business’ success.

Emirates managers had identified opportunities to improve and enhance  the management systems at their airport lounges. With only a reactive method of manual assessment of quarterly invoices, which were often hard to interpret, they had no effective visibility on energy consumption.

Additionally, a single, central process for facilities management was missing. Emirates lounges are an important part of the overall brand experience so ensuring that presentation is professional and facilities are safe and well maintained is critical to customer satisfaction and retention.

Both these issues were impacting their ability to meet regulatory requirements for reporting, internal corporate responsibility targets and, ultimately, their customer service expectations.

AVC Sustainable Management were asked to provide solutions to these business issues and at the end of 2016 we began a trial of our Energy Manager and Facility Manager Solutions at the Emirates Business Lounge in Manchester Airport. As well as completing surveys at Emirates other UK lounges facilities at Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham and Glasgow in preparation for implementation of our Energy Manager and Facility Manager solutions at these locations.

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Facility Manager has also delivered benefits to Emirates for planned maintenance. They have now been able to assign tasks and create schedules to meet all their regulatory, health and safety and preventative maintenance requirements.

These schedules can now be tracked and reported on to give management an overview of performance and quickly spot potential problem areas.

Initial Surveying & Reactive Maintenance

At the project initiation, we carried out a detailed survey of the airport lounge using our EnergyEyeTM software enabling us to capture and database all the floor plans, assets and locations down to the individual items such as light bulbs. This allowed us to provide immediate recommendations on the financial viability of upgrading the lighting to more energy efficient LED options and the potential energy savings and return on investment this would deliver.

Additionally, all of the surveyed facilities data was added to our Facility Manager software to prepare Emirates’ Manchester Lounge to migrate to this solution for managing their maintenance tasks.

With the survey data captured and installed, our Facility Manager software was then used to create, assign and monitor reactive and proactive maintenance tasks. The simple, intuitive software and mobile app interface allows staff to quickly report problems and create tasks which can then be automatically assigned to the correct contractor or internal resource for that item, with rules based response times and deadlines for completion. This allowed Emirates to quickly replace the manual and disjointed management system previously employed.

AVC’s Facility Manager also provides secure access for contractors to view tasks assigned to them and provide feedback on the task through the process to completion. As the contractor interaction with the Facility Manager system is time, date and location stamped it is also a useful tool to ensure the costs assigned to tasks are correctly reported. Our photo and document uploading feature also enables to contractors to provide before and after photographs for quality control and validation of job completion.

Facility Manager has a powerful reporting engine that can provide overviews on the status of tasks allowing Emirates to effectively hold contractors to their performance and SLA obligations, rank and compare contractors on performance ensuring they are constantly reviewing their relationships for best practice and best value for money.

Planned Maintenance

Facility Manager has also delivered benefits to Emirates for planned maintenance. They have now been able to assign tasks and create schedules to meet all their regulatory, health and safety and preventative maintenance requirements.

These schedules can now be tracked and reported on to give management an overview of performance and quickly spot potential problem areas.

  • Scheduling of multiple tasks efficiently based on prioritisation of task
  • Alerts identifying task status, time to fix, performance measurement and mgmt. info by location and contractor
  • Harmonisation with financial systems to reconcile contractor invoicing to tasks (system captured job timings) – including self-billing options
  • Capture of asset documentation including regulatory and safety certification along with pictures which can be associated to any asset or task.
  • GPS capture of contractor activity providing reconciliation of time stamps of time on site and location.
  • Online job sign-off
  • Traffic light system for job status

Energy Monitoring

At the same time as the asset survey we installed our Energy Manager monitoring systems at the electricity distribution board on site. Installation is a relatively simple process and our hardware can either network with the clients internet connections onsite or remain independent by using mobile networks to transmit data.

Once installed, we have the ability to monitor utility  consumption to circuit or individual appliance level in real time via our online Energy Manager software. The reports generated from this monitoring are used to identify excessive and unusual behaviours which increase energy usage unnecessarily.

This new and detailed visibility on their energy consumption profile provided immediate benefits to Emirates. A program of behavioural changes could be implemented to reduce the instances of equipment being left on unnecessarily, such as kitchen appliances left on overnight etc. They were able to introduce KPI’s with their contracting partners, which enabled them to recharge utility costs incurred unnecessarily.

Additionally, after the initial period of monitoring, Emirates now understand the normal pattern of energy consumption in the Manchester lounge and have taken advantage of the Energy Manager reports and automated alarms to get immediate notification if something is consuming energy outside of its ‘normal’ range. This has allowed for improved cost management and savings in line with those predicted during the initial surveying process.

A further benefit has been realised in meeting the regulatory requirements of the business. Prior to Energy Managers implementation preparing the reports necessary to meet ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme) requirements was a labour-intensive and costly process.

Thanks to the Energy Manager system these reports can now be prepared at the click of button, ensuring the business complies with its regulatory responsibilities with regard to carbon consumption and energy efficiency, while at the same time helping Emirates to meet its own targets and aspirations to be an environmentally aware and efficient business.


After the initial trial of the system we have now moved to a live environment at the Emirates Manchester lounge. Additionally, we have delivered our systems to Emirates Gatwick and Heathrow and are in the installation phase at Birmingham and Glasgow airports. Discussions are ongoing to expand the system to their 39 business lounges worldwide.

We are delighted that Emirates are enjoying the tangible cost benefits, improved efficiency and enhanced management of the Energy Manager and Facility Manager solutions from AVC Sustainable Management.