European Tyre Enterprises Limited (ETEL) is the company behind the KwikFit and Stapletons brands and operates more than 600 tyre and car maintenance centres in the United Kingdom.

The nature of the business is relatively energy intensive so effectively managing that cost is a major priority for ETEL. For this reason they are engaged with AVC Sustainable Management to define their energy management solution.

Using our Energy Manager Solution we have surveyed every KwikFit location in the UK and created a floor plan and asset register as a foundation to deliver to energy consumption savings. An interesting and common by-product of this process is that ETEL have been able to use this data to clarify and reduce their business rates with local authorities by correctly recording the split between workshop and retail space.

As an initial trial we have installed our energy monitoring technology at 5 locations including a central distribution centre allowing ETEL staff to closely monitor energy usage at these locations down to individual circuit and appliance and identify waste or unusual consumption patterns and proactively reduce costs.

After the success of the trial, ETEL are now planning to expand energy monitoring capability to the rest of the estate and scale the cost savings delivered so far.

Additionally, we have used our Energy Manager surveying data to analyse the cost-benefit of upgrading the lighting in each centre to energy efficient LED products and have delivered these upgrades across the Kwikfit estate in the UK. This activity has delivered significant savings in line with the return on investment anticipated.

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