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We provide integrated solutions to survey, monitor and optimise energy consumption and facilities management at our clients locations worldwide.

These solutions are delivered via 2 product modules; Energy Manager & Facility Manager.

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Reduce Costs

Our surveying and monitoring solutions provide clarity to your energy and facilities costs. This visibility facilitates cost savings through behavioural change, smarter capital investments and reduced supplier costs.

Improve Efficiency

Our solutions deliver improved efficiency through better data capture and reporting. Smarter management of your facilities and energy use leads to a better, more productive environment for you staff, contractors and customers, delivering tangible financial benefits.

Simplify Compliance

Our real-time monitoring and reporting solutions make meeting your regulatory obligations (such as ESOS) simple, quick and cheaper. We ensure your compliance is a few clicks away.

Enhancing the Customer Experience with Emirates

We have been working with Emirates to enhance the customer experience in their airport lounges through better energy consumption and more efficient facilities management.